Utensil Drawer

Items can be placed in a particular direction, but there must be enough coordination and alignment that the drawer closes; otherwise, the purpose fails. Add a board member who wants to change to a vertical storage platform, assume a partnership that uses a super-sized serving spoon, or hire a staff member who uses the drawer to store valuable thumb drives; these different uses create challenges for an organization— clarity of purpose and alignment matter to facilitate function.

How might we maintain fidelity to purpose but offer sufficient flexibility to adapt when it benefits those we serve?

Master Plans & Flexibility

Denver International Airport Maser Plan Map

Do you have a master plan for your facility/campus? How flexible or rigid are the considerations and assumptions that guided the plan’s creation? Do you share your vision for the future with your fans, or is it kept under lock and key? How might we remain curious about the factors influencing future needs?

Consider Denver International Airport’s jump up the list of busiest airports by passenger traffic, moving from 18th in 2016 to 3rd busiest airport in 2021. Interestingly, the number of total passengers in Denver between 2016 and 2021 is similar compared to other airports; the growth is not correlated due to the pandemic. Denver has a master plan that includes 12 runways and two additional terminals. By building further away from the city, there is room for growth.